Since Endemic's inception we have invested in 11 companies in Russia and abroad. We normally invest between USD 50 and 100 thousand per project and are minority shareholders in all of our portfolio companies.


We are considering projects all around the world but with a preference for Russia. Endemic is mostly focused on the "new economy", technology projects. Our broad global network of business contacts covers different sectors, and we aim to use it for the benefit of the projects we are involved in.

  • It's your social wish list

    Discover and collect beautiful items from people and stores you like and earn exclusive rewards for shopping at your favourite retailers.



  • Urban Green Energy

    UGE's dream is to power the world with renewable energy.



  • Discover new places to eat

    Cibando is the best website for you to look for restaurants in Europe. With rich photographic content, you can choose the right restaurant for your needs. Have a look!



  • Learning. Better.

    Online education is undergoing a boom. The mission of Eduson is to create a quality business education available to professionals.



  • Chess Boxing Global

    Chessboxing ->The fusion between the #1 thinking sport and the #1 fighting sport.



  • Shopster

    Using innovative technologies we are bringing online e-commerce tools to offline retail. 



  • Championika

    "Championika" - is the first Russian company that provides football's training services for the preschool children.



  • SmartCommerce

    SmartCommerce helps major CPG brands such as P&G, Unilever and Nestle own and drive their customers’ buying experience by ensuring that their products are ready to buy, whenever and wherever consumers are ready to shop.



  • 33 slona

    33 slona is a service, enabling people to lease or sell their apartments and houses. Registration, account creating and publishing offers are free for all members.